At Amari Wear we focus on high-grade sportswear and activewear designed to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Affordable yet top of the line leggings, tights and sports bras. Your well-being and comfort is our mission. That's how our slogan emerged: Focus on how you feel.

Amari Wear is a Swiss based start-up founded by two young students. As such, we aim to produce affordable sportswear collections.

Sustainability and ethical work environment

We care for the environment and together we can make an impact. This is why we strictly only work with ISO certified manufacturers who prove to have ethical working conditions. In order to receive such certificate, the manufacturers are carefully inspected on-site by international organisations. For transparency reasons we are happy to announce that all our collections are currently ethically produced in China. 

While we eventually plan to only use eco-friendly and biodegradable materials for our future collections, we currently try to limit the usage of plastic and non natural materials as much as possible. Our small first step towards sustainability is to use biodegradable packaging.